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I started playing guitar when I was 14 (Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, yeeeeeeaaaah!!!!11), and like most guitarists who stick with it long enough, I eventually started playing jazz guitar. That meant learning music theory, broadening chord/scale vocabulary, etc. I never really got into it (jazz has never given me chills), but one thing that’s been on my mind for years since is that it should be possible to make good music using random number generators. There would need to be constraints, of course – e.g. the song should stay mostly in key – but in general, a combination of notes in key within ~3 octaves of each other should sound okay.
I never had the tools to actually try making music using RNGs until I learned R. About a year ago, I started writing some R code to write songs, and 1000 Wittle Bits is the product of that. You can download all songs (so far) at the link below.