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CeeDive (short for “city dive”) is a tool for finding a group of cities that are most similar to a target city according to characteristics of your choosing. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to know which cities have the most similar weather to your home town, this is the place! Enter the name of your city, the number of cities you want in your result (3 – 20 suggested), and check the boxes you wish to match on.

Temperature (median)
Wind Speed (median)
Temperature Variability
Precipitation Extent and Variability
City Product per Capita
High Blood Pressure Prevalence
General Health
Compactness (Cohesion Index)

If you get a “something failed” message, it means there is no data available for that city on the specific variables you chose to match on. Try again after checking all variables (all check boxes above).

If a marker is missing in one of the graphs in your output, then there was no data available for that variable for that city. Relatedly, if there are blank pages in your output, there was no data for any of your matching cities for that particular variable. There is a lot of missing data in the database used here. Matching will almost always be completed, but if your graphs are missing many (70%+) markers, the results will be less reliable.